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There are some things in life that when experienced firsthand, change your entire perception of what that product can be. A suit off the rack may seem like it fits well, until you experience the fit of a suit which has been tailored to your exact size and measurements. This realization of the difference quality makes is one we are proud to say is a common occurrence for our customers at Ernest Thompson Furniture. In a market dominated by cheaply made, mass-produced furniture, we stand apart by offering furniture tailored to your exact style, size and specifications.

With over two hundred years of combined woodworking experience, our team of craftsmen has an unsurpassed understanding of the furniture making process. By drawing upon a foundation of excellence which began with Ernest Thompson over forty years ago, and continuing with the tradition of New Mexican woodworkers that dates back over 400 years, Ernest Thompson Furniture produces handcrafted, artisanal furniture, tailor made to order to our customers’ precise wants and needs.

Whether you are in the market for a traditional New Mexican design, a contemporary furniture piece, or any other style which you’d like us to utilize, Ernest Thompson is your go-to source for quality, custom furniture. We welcome you to learn more about us, browse through some of our furniture, or to get in touch with us so we may begin building your next piece of handcrafted furniture.

Our Furniture

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Accent Pieces

The perfect finishing touch for any room, our accent pieces add style and functionality to your living areas.

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From headboards, to armoires, our furniture can add comfort, storage, and beauty to your bedroom.

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Dining Room

A dining room is centered around its furniture. Make yours stunning, with our wide selection of dining room furniture.

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Entertainment & Storage

Entertain in style with our available entertainment centers, or add gorgeous storage space to your home with our entertainment and storage options.

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Living Room

The gathering place for parties, holidays, lounging and more, we have furniture that will make your living room truly the focal point of your home.

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Make your workplace stand out and add comfort, functionality and style to your office with our available office furniture, such as desks, chairs and more.

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Ernest Thompson Furniture - A 400 Year Tradition

Featured Furniture

Handmade Furniture | From Start to Finish
Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

Hotels, offices and more have all used Ernest Thompson to make their space stand out from the rest.

Tour Our Shop

Tour Our Shop

Our workshop is where raw materials, artisan craftsman and beautiful designs come together to make our furniture.

Our Process

Our Process

Our handmade furniture making process stands out at a time when others rely upon automation and repetition.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Every piece of Ernest Thompson furniture is made in our Albuquerque workshop, right here in the USA.